A.      Employee Handbook

1.      Employee Handbook Form


B.      Express Contracts of Employment

2.      Letter Agreement of Employment

3.      Employment Contract for Mid-Level Manager

4.      Employment Contract for Employee Compensated By Commissions

5.      Executive Level Employment Agreement

6.      Employment Contract for Chief Executive Officer


C.      Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements

7.      Non-Competition Agreement for Initial Hire

8.      Stock Award Agreement With Reaffirmation of Non-Competition Agreement

9.      Non-Competition Covenant in Post-Employment Settlement and Release Agreement

10.     Agreement Not to Invest in Competitive Enterprises

11.     Employment Agreement Including Patent/Copyright Protection


D.      Independent Contractor Agreements

12.     Independent Contractor Agreement

13.     Independent Contractor Agreement for a Professional Person

14.     Consulting Agreement With Departing Employee


E.      Waivers, Releases and Reservations of Rights

15.     General Release

16.     Release of Rights Under Federal and State Discrimination Statutes

17.     Release of Injury Claims


F.      Collective Bargaining Agreement

18.     Collective Bargaining Agreement


G.      Executive Compensation

19.     Phantom Stock Agreement

20.     Guarantee

21.     Incentive Stock Option Agreement

22.     Rabbi Trust

23.     Golden Parachute/Golden Handcuffs Agreement


H.      Severance and Termination Policies

24.     Severance Allowance Policy

25.     Resignation/Termination Policy

26.     Resignation/Termination Checklist