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2019 Edition


Published: 2020 Edition (Previous Editions: 1993-2019)
Most recent supplement/update: N/A

Library of Congress Control Number: 92-74441
ISBN: 1-887024-20-4


Important Note: In addition to published court opinions, this publication also contains Non-Precedential Memoranda Opinions. These Memoranda Opinions have taken on a new importance. Beginning with cases dated May 1, 2019 and later, Non-Precedential Memoranda Opinions of the PA Superior Court may be cited for persuasive authority.

This current Bisel Lawsource®, setting forth the collected Consolidated Pennsylvania and Federal Domestic Relations Statutes and related Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure, with appropriate tables and a combined index, covers Marriage, Adoption, Divorce, Support, Property and Contracts, Children and Minors, and Abuse of Family.

The format is designed to provide a convenient and practical one-stop source of the law and related rules in major areas of Pennsylvania practice, together with an index referencing both in one consolidated source.

This title is revised or supplemented every six months. In this way, frequent revision will permit the removal of obsolete references to amended or repealed laws or rules on an ongoing basis, and enable us to present a relevant and up-to-date product for ready reference.

The Explanatory Notes and Comments that are included with the court rules have been prepared by the Civil Procedure Rules Committee. They appear in the text following the particular rules to which they relate. These Explanatory Notes and Comments are not part of the rules and have not been officially adopted or promulgated by the Supreme Court.


Table of Contents

Domestic Relations Code
PART I. General Provisions
PART II. Marriage
PART III. Adoption
PART IV. Divorce
PART V. Support, Property and Contracts
PART VI. Children and Minors
PART VII. Abuse of Family
PART VIII. Uniform Interstate Family Support
PART VIII-A. Intrastate Family Support

Miscellaneous Pennsylvania Domestic Relations Statutes
TITLE 18. Crimes and Offenses
TITLE 20. Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code
TITLE 42. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
TITLE 43. Labor
TITLE 51. Military Affairs
TITLE 54. Names

Miscellaneous Federal Domestic Relations Statutes and Regulations—Selected Provisions
TITLE 10. Armed Forces
TITLE 11. Bankruptcy Code
TITLE 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure
TITLE 22. Foreign Relations and Intercourse
TITLE 26. Internal Revenue Code
TITLE 28. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
TITLE 42. The Public Health and Welfare
Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Domestic Relations Rules of Procedure
I. Protection from Abuse Act
II. Support
III. Custody and Visitation
IV. Divorce and Annulment
V. Rules Relating to Domestic Relations Matters Generally
VI. Rules Relating to Voluntary Mediation in Custody Actions
VII. Supreme Court Orphans' Court Rules—Adoptions
VIII. Pennsylvania Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure
IX. Selected Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure

Domestic Relations Regulations
  Support from Relations Not Living with the Client

Consolidated Index (Statutes and Rules)

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